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An Android device has a great deal of preinstalled programs. While utilizing the apparatus, the owner also has the chance to download more programs to take pleasure in the qualities of this apparatus. When utilizing TheWiSpy to track someone’s Android phone, you get complete access to each of these programs.

As a consequence, you may see all actions happening on the gadget. To help you know all you can see on a device using TheWiSpy, we have highlighted some exceptional capabilities.

All things considered, what you anticipate are their security and security. That said, there are a lot of applications claiming they can monitor telephones at no cost. But, not all of those programs are trustable due to different factors. A few of those tools may even include viruses. Thus, it would help if you were very cautious when deciding on a cell tracker free.

1. Social Media Tracking:
Social networking is an important stage in which you locate young adults. This means that your spying escapade isn’t full without access to a child’s social networking accounts. From the dashboard, it is possible to view all articles, personal messages, and shared websites of social networking accounts.

One can track WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and all social media platform using android spy app to track every activity of social accounts.
With this, you will understand the type of content being shared and obtained by your target. You will be able to manage all social accounts remotely and track social activities of all the time from your dashboard.

2. Text Messages Tracking:
Folks use text messages to convey a lot. Whatever dialogue Your child or partner is having through text, then you can view it on your TheWiSpy dashboard. You will know who they are texting and the specifics of the individual. Should they delete any messages, then you will have access to them on your dash.

TheWiSpy spyware features also allow you to track deleted messages on the targeted device. You will be notified for all incoming and outgoing messages of the targeted device.

3. Phone Logs Tracking:
If You Would like to understand who your target talks to regularly, you need to log into your dashboard. Examine the Phone Logs menu, and you’ll be able to see the specifics of caller ID on this page.

You can also restrict and block contacts remotely. Incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded, and you will be able to listen to all calls with TheWiSpy spyware.

4. Internet Browser Background:
It is vital to know the type of searches that your target makes in their browser. What exactly are they searching online? You may find these details together with TheWiSpy. The program provides you with access to all or any browser background, and you may review every one of these.

Parents can block inappropriate content and websites using the spy app. This features enables parents to monitor kids activities and search history so they can easily restrict their browsing activity.

5. Location Tracking:
TheWiSpy works together with the GPS of all Android devices. This makes it simple for the program to transmit the real-time location of the target apparatus to you correctly. Android spy app also lets you set border restrictions using the geofencing attribute.
With this, you will get informed when the target spans the limited areas. There is much more than the TheWiSpy program offers its own users. You may get the complete details of the qualities on the TheWiSpy official site. Running. The process is easy and seamless.

In General, children do not wish to demonstrate their phones to their own parents voluntarily since they believe it ‘annoying.’ But even it’s an annoyance; it’s your obligation to safeguard your children from several dangers. Thus, using a cell phone tracker free isn’t a crime if you use it to track your kids.

Pros and Cons:


  • Really beneficial keylogger function that monitors all of the keystrokes, such as passwords.
  • It may monitor the content saved in the calendar.
  • It views the contact list too.
  • Simplifies the positioning of the target apparatus in real-time.


  • User-interface may be somewhat complex for several users.

Final Thoughts:

  • Well, those are the top android spy app we provide you as cellular tracker free Tools for the convenience. Should you care for your own security and safety of your nearest and dearest, you can use these tools. Using these tools, you’ll have the ability to monitor the places, social media tasks, etc… Then, you might know something about what they’re up to. If they’re exposing themselves into a kind of threat, you can act immediately and shield them.
  • Keep Record of every activity of android devices.
  • Tools in a really responsible way. To glimpse in your neighbor’s cell phone, for example. Thank you for reading!


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