Difference between Automatic Rolling Shutters and Manual Rolling Shutters

Automatic or motorized rolling shutters have been gaining popularity due to several positive factors. You can get the roller shutters installed for protecting your home or workplace against fire and severe weather conditions. Consequently, we have seen a rise in customers opting for automatic rolling shutters in Kerala. We will be looking into the pros and cons of both automatic and manual rolling shutters to help you decide which one will suit your needs. Further, you may talk to us to know more details about both the types.

Automatic Rolling Shutters

Motorized or commonly known as automatic Roller Shutters are operated with motors that can be lifted and lowered at the push of a switch or by using a remote transmitter. The user will get a handheld remote transmitter or the facility of a push button switch or wall switch mounted on the wall for ease of use. Motorized Roller Shutters offer added advantages and convenience as you will be able to open and close shutter doors whenever needed with just the push of the wall-mounted switch or using a remote. Motorized Roller Shutter usually comes with a manual hand chain also so that it can be operated even in case of any power failure. The ease of operation has been the main reason for the growing acceptance of automatic or motorized rolling shutters over manual shutters.

Pros of Automatic Rolling Shutters

The pros of automatic rolling shutters are:

  • Convenient operation: You can raise or lower the shutters with a single click on the wall-mounted switch or the remote.
  • Doesn’t require additional labor: You may have to employ a healthy employee for operating the manual shutter. It is not required in case of an automatic shutter.
  • Easy to maintain: Periodic maintenance is easy due to the peculiarity of the material used for manufacturing the shutter.
  • Lightweight but robust material: The most popular material used for manufacturing automatic rolling shutter is polycarbonate. It is a lightweight but strong composite.
  • Longevity: The excellent material quality gives a better life to the automatic rolling shutters

It can be operated manually during a power failure. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about such conditions. You can ask the automatic rolling shutter manufacturers/ dealers to install safety sensors. This will provide safety and auto-reverse functionality if there’s any malfunction or any other issue

Cons of Automatic Rolling Shutters

The automatic shutters possess a few disadvantages too:

  • As it requires electrical energy for operation, it cannot be considered environment-friendly.
  • Not suitable if your area faces frequent power failures. You may have to operate it manually in such a case.
  • Not advisable to use without adequate safety sensors installed.
  • Even though a small amount, it will cause an increase in the electricity bill.
  • At times, it may require the original manufacturer to repair peculiar issues due to design elements.

Manual Rolling Shutters

Commercial buildings, industries and residential areas are using manual shutters for decades. Manual rolling shutters enable you to increase the safety of your place at a minimal cost. Furthermore, it is easier to troubleshoot minor problems with the manual shutters and you can easily operate them even without any technical know-how. There are two types of manual shutters. One requires you to push or pull it for opening and closing. The second one has an additional liver for closing and opening. You will have to employ additional labor in both cases.

Pros of Manual Rolling Shutters

Pros of Manual Rolling Shutters are:

  • Doesn’t require electricity. Therefore, energy consumption is reduced
  • Anybody with simple knowledge of the mechanical system can repair or replace it
  • The system is simple and any defect will be evident
  • Environment-friendly option

Cons of Manual Rolling Shutters

  • Manual labor required for operating the shutter. Not advisable if you are weak or aged
  • Metal used for manufacturing manual rolling shutter is not as long-lasting as the automatic one
  • Maintenance and cleaning is more difficult than the motorized shutter
  • Frequent painting may be necessary to prevent corrosion
  • Operation may turn difficult over time

It is crucial to know that if your rolling shutters exceed a certain weight limit and size, you may have to motorize the roller shutter because it is not a right option to lift heavy roller shutters manually.

Weighing all the positive and negative points of both automatic and manual rolling shutters, it is clear that installing a motorized rolling shutter will be better than a manual one. If you are particular about saving time and maximizing efficiency within your workplace, automatic or motorized roller shutters may be the best option because of its increased convenience and efficiency. You may discuss with the professional team at Glidemaster regarding both the types of shutters before finalizing which one to opt. We are the leading automatic rolling shutter manufacturers in Kerala, with presence in all the major cities in the state.


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