Normally, the customers do not care about the technology that the developer is going to use in their web application or mobile app because they do not have technical knowledge. They believe that the selection of technology is not their business. Especially for SMEs and startup businesses, it is not easy to choose the perfect technology stack that fits into the specified budget.

The success of your web app or mobile application is majorly dependent on the selection of the correct set of technologies. If you hire an experienced developer or development team to develop your app, they will assist you in selecting a perfect technology stack that suits your development requirements within your budget.
Still, you should have a basic understanding of various technologies because it helps you in better decision making. I am not saying here that you should know to program, but you should do some basic research that provides you some knowledge in terms of:

  • Which technology should you go with for your application?
  • Why the use of a particular technology helps you to develop a cost-effective application?
  • Which process will provide you a robust application?
  • What are the technology stacks that are used widely?

The following infographic will show you the elements of web app development, like programming language(s), database, frameworks, etc.

Web Development Services

Infographic resource: Credencys


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