Cloud Based Solutions for Energy Industry

The article discusses the role of Cloud Technology in the Energy industry and How it is capable of transforming the energy sector.

The energy industry has taken a dimensional shift to transform and adapt to the digital world. In fact, there are a plethora of factors, which can fuel this massive transformation of the energy industry. The transformation has been noted from the transmission to distribution of the energy supply and the way which suppliers interact with the customers as well. There comes the impact of cloud and IoT. Many studies in the technical industry prove that the lion share of a company has to adopt the cloud & IoT technologies, which may vary with their respective industry surely. Anyway, the numbers which are coming in always give a hopeful breathing space for the companies who provide IoT enabled services. Many advanced startup companies in the IoT sector have attained unprecedented growth when compared to other technology industries.

Lets see what are the advantages of connecting the utility assets by using the cloud technology.

Benefits of Connecting Utility Assets Using Cloud & IOT

  1. Customer centric information
    Through cloud & IoT technology, customers could get more information about their consumption of energy. Several applications could be developed to make available the information to the customer end which could be accessible through mobile application or web portals etc. These will be revolutionary steps towards the future. This can be made possible by implementing internet-connected smart meters in residential or commercial buildings, while speaking technically, the energy data is acquired and sent with the help of meter data acquisition system and with several other protocols, which establishes the smooth two way communication.
  2. Management of renewable energy resources
    Solar energy is one of the popular forms of energy nowadays, It’s believed that solar energy is the future of energy. By promoting and switching to green energy through a global initiative, the amount of carbon-di-oxide can be reduced to a greater extent and thereby bringing more balance to the ecosystem. Top players in the energy industry already started new development and research activities, as a result, now solar generation plants can be integrated with cloud technology, which has impeccable advantages such as real time monitoring and maintenance of the solar plants across multiple sites. An expert technician can easily troubleshoot and fix the issue as soon as possible with the help of a central control panel.
  3. Smart City IoT Business Solutions
    With the advent of cloud & IoT technology, most of the cities are getting smarter now. As we know that the infrastructure growth, economic development and public assets are more focused on urban areas as we compare with rural areas. Thus, the cities have more leveraging capabilities to manage the flow of traffic, digitalizing the utility operations, optimizing the public assets, transportation etc with the help of IoT solutions for smart cities. It is pertinent to mention here about the role of smart meter headend in data acquisition system, which is capable of handling network loads, transmit and receive data and so on. It plays a significant role to automate many services in the smart cities such as B2B customer billing in utility, water, gas, which creates a new kind of customer relationship in the future.
  4. Fulfilling the supply and demand
    You know people often complain about frequent and prolonged power shutdown in residential or industrial areas.. A group of experts says that the IoT in the energy sector can make remarkable changes by providing the power to customers consistently. Through integrating cloud & IoT technology into the energy sector, providers could analyze and monitor the network activities and faults in real time , helping providers to make decisions faster.


To encapsulate, with the advent of the ground-breaking IoT technology, the service providers are more optimistic to provide more reliable services to their customers. Cloud and IoT can bring more changes in many fields such as Energy, Transportation, Hospitality, Banking, and many more sectors. But there is no getting around the fact that the countries draw special attention to cloud powered smart city solutions, which are capable of fostering futuristic economic development.

Hope the article helps you to understand the benefits of connecting utilities using cloud technology and how the cloud and IoT can be a better choice for the energy industry.


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