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What Are Facebook Instant Experiences work?

The Facebook Instant Experiences (Interactive Experiences of Facebook) is a native ad format of Mark Zuckerberg’s social. They have replaced the old Canvases and have the peculiarity of making the user live a truly unique interactive and immersive experience.

They were designed for the needs of advertisers who want to make their sponsored content more attractive and engaging with the Facebook paid circuit, but can also be published on the fan page in organic (therefore not paid).

The format is also active for both Facebook and Instagram.

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How Facebook Instant Experiences work?

Facebook Instant Experiences are an interactive format reserved exclusively for mobile that allows you to create real landing pages with which to tell your brand, gain visibility, attract the attention of people in the target and also induce them to buy and, in general, to action.

To create an Instant Experience you need to connect to the Facebook panel in the Ad Manager and, after selecting your advertising goal, in Creativity, you will find the possibility to create an Instant Experience.

You can use one of the models that Facebook makes available to you (depending on the objective you selected in the initial phase of your campaign) and that you can customize using an easy and intuitive editor.

Alternatively, you can create your own immersive and interactive experience from scratch, inserting an image, a video, a carousel of images, external links, texts and colored buttons with Call To Action at your convenience.

What matters when you create an Instant Experience is to design it with awareness, paying attention to the structure, images and videos used and the optimization of Copywriting.

Without these elements, in fact, and without their collaboration and cooperation towards the same goal, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to create an engaging and convincing Instant Experience.

Why use Facebook Instant Experiences

Facebook Instant Experiences are a very valuable opportunity for your brand for several reasons.

First of all, because they are an advertising format that offers the user an immersive and totalizing experience: once he has clicked on the advertisement, he will be able to live a full-screen experience, completely conducted in the world that the advertiser will have been able to recreate.

Interactive Experiences are a real adventure, for those who create them and for those who use them.

The second reason you need to start using Facebook Instant Experiences right away is that they allow you to tell the brand in-depth and exciting (yes, they are Storytelling tools ) and allow you to explain in detail the functionality of a product or its uses of a service.

Another reason not to be underestimated is that Instant Experiences, being a native Facebook format, open and load much faster than a link to an external landing page.

And again, Facebook Instant Experiences, thanks to their creativity and immersiveness, are an excellent tool to attract people’s attention and to convince them to interact with you and perform the action you want to do.

And don’t forget that, to keep track of the results you achieve, you can also activate the Pixel within your Instant Experience, measuring conversions and planning possible and specific retargeting campaigns.


In short, Facebook Instant Experiences are an excellent tool to stimulate brand awareness, to give a boost to engagement, to encourage conversion and also to differentiate you from your competitors, optimizing your ROAS, Return on Advertising, or the return on advertising investment.

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