Features to buy a laptop

Switching to a new laptop is fun and exciting! Any tech-savvy person would agree that buying a laptop with trendy, new features is a different experience. On average, laptop users upgrade their laptop systems every three years and rightfully so because technology is continually evolving.
New laptops in the market are equipped with the latest and unique features that make it hard to buy one in 2020. Most users jump from laptop to laptop based on the operating system. A Windows user will mostly prefer a new Windows laptop; however, there are other features that you need to consider before buying a laptop.

Five Must-Have Features for A New Laptop

You need a laptop that suits your needs and budget. Even a tight budget ranging from $350 to $1000 has various options. We advise you to look out for the following features to make your decision easier.

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  1. The Size Matters:
    The laptop size depends on how much you will carry it around. You need to pick a size that’s right for you. Generally, laptop sizes range between 11.6 inches to 18 inches. Pick a size based on how portable and lightweight you need your laptop to be.

    • 11 to 12 inches – The size bracket is the tinniest one available. An 11-12 inches laptop is super lightweight and the easiest to carry anywhere you go.
    • 13 to 14 inches – Laptops that are 13 to 14 inches are the perfect balance of usability and portability. They weigh a little more than a 12-inch laptop, but they’re still widely preferred.
    • 15 to 16 inches – Another popular choice that you can consider if you don’t need to carry your laptop often.
    • 17 to 18 inches – Consider a 17-18 inches laptop if your laptop is placed on a desk and doesn’t go anywhere. A bigger laptop means more weight.
  2. Invest in A Faster CPU:
    Of course, if you’re upgrading your laptop, you need a faster CPU. The CPU is the main component of your computer because it runs the system and its processes. A newer and better CPU will hugely impact the performance of your laptop.
    Steer clear of laptops that have CPUs older than the 8th generation models. Get a laptop with a processor that can support heavy tasks like gaming or video editing software. The laptop might be a little over budget, but it’ll provide more functionality and last longer.
  3. Storage Options – HDD or SSD?:
    Your current laptop probably has a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD), time for a change! Buy a laptop that comes equipped with a solid-state drive (SSD). An SSD is 300 percent faster than HDDs, which will elevate your computing experience. Some online e-commerce stores, like Hard Drive World, have some of the best SSD equipped laptops, new and refurbished.
  4. Bigger RAM. Better Performance.:
    Gone are the days when a 4GB RAM was the minimum requirement for laptops. 4GB RAMs are outdated, and you at least need an 8GB RAM to get the most out of your system. An 8GB RAM allows you to multitask better without a lag. You can have multiple tabs on a browser, watch a movie, and write an article all at once. If you pick a 4GB RAM or below, your laptop will slow down and affect your productivity.
    Additionally, with a bigger budget, you can replace your 8GB with 16GB RAM or more. The more RAM you have, the faster your laptop performs.
  5. Look out for the GPU:
    Get the best GPU-equipped laptop your budget can buy! If you love on-the-go gaming on your laptop, you need a better GPU. A better graphics chip also assists in doing high-end video editing and creating 3D objects. To ensure amazing graphics, make sure your new laptop has an AMD or Nvidia GPU. Both of the companies have the best mid-range to high-end GPU models.

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Gear Up to Upgrade Your Laptop!

Buying a new laptop is tricky because you want to love your new laptop enough to forget the old one. People tend to upgrade laptops when they start to slow down or when their needs change. Think about what you need from a new laptop, and keep in mind the features mentioned above.
Good luck shopping for your new, shiny laptop. We hope you fall in love with it.


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