When to re-design my website

Why website redesigning is considered important?

Redesigning your website and staying up to date with the modern world, is important for all type companies. This is because, the website is the face of your company and many individuals, will check the online presence of your company, and compare it with the competitors before they make a final call. Therefore, there are many companies in the industry, who redesign their websites every three years, which is considered a common phase in the website designing cycle.

However, through a recent survey, 68% of the marketers have said that a website redesign is compulsory. Why? To increase the growth of your business, gain customers and stay ahead of your competitors. When everything goes well, your website will become a 24/7 salesperson.

Reasons you need to redesign your website

Transforming your website to be a user-friendly version, can be done through the redesigning process. It will also enable you to understand the issues of your current website, for which your business was not flourishing. Changing the whole appearance will allow your website, to look unique and stand out among your competitors. It does not matter when you think of redesigning it, the sooner you do it, the faster you gain online attention. Given below are some of the reasons to redesign your website. They are:

  1. To offer better user experience: UX or user experience is the new candidate in the world of design, which has become very important, for a website to receive its success. The UX deals with the visitor’s emotional experience, during their time on your website, and how it aligns with their intentions. If your website offers a bad navigation experience, then the visitor will not return, which will enable you to lose valuable leads. It is said that about, 88% of the visitors will not likely visit a website where they had a bad experience. A simple redesign will enable your website, will provide your visitors with the type of action they wish to complete, keep improving the UX, and provide you a proper understanding of your visitor’s behavior.
  2. Your website needs to work: There are many websites on the internet where you might have come across, which does not open. You also have waited for the website to open, by reloading it, only to be presented with outdated offers, broken links, and a layout that is not optimized for modern browsing. You need to keep your website away from these unwanted issues, and if there are areas that need a tune-up, you are requested to redesign it, with modern features and upgrades that will help your website, to get back on track. This will also enable you, to keep generating your leads and traffic, so that you lose none of them when you get to handle the issue immediately.
  3. Your website needs to be mobile responsive: This is something you need to do and it’s very important as well. You are living in a multi-screen world, and your website deserves such an upgrade in order to satisfy its behavior. In simple words, if your website is not mobile optimized, there are chances, you might lose a good number of customers and valuable leads. Therefore, 83% of mobile users, demand a website that will be responsive in all devices. This is because, individuals these days wish to stay updated with the world, no matter where they are. Making your website to be mobile responsive will allow you to run faster, and receive leads and customers along the way.

Redesigning your website is the best option

Having a well-designed website is considered to be the most effective marketing tool. Therefore, staying updated with the modern world, and its technology will enable you to make the website easy to use. Keeping all these things in mind, performing a website redesign, will help you reach your goal.


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