How To Generate Leads Using Slideshare

SlideShare is a slide advertising service. It belongs to LinkedIn. SlideShare functions with all LinkedIn products and sites, which means it coordinates with all Microsoft products since Linkedin belongs to Microsoft. Since SlideShare has 70 million followers, you can use the tool to your advantage as it ensures effective lead generation.

Why Use SlideShare:

Slideshare offers you the tools that capture all types of leads. Using SlideShare you can produce documents that educate and offer instructions to customers who are interested in buying your products thereby helping you in generating leads.

Ways to Generate Leads With SlideShare:

Following are the tips you must follow in order to create leads using Slideshare.

  1. Use Perfect Slides: You should experiment with different slides in order to select the ones that are appropriate for you. Keep using this tool to generate leads even if you do not reach the conclusion.
  2. Use Case Studies: You may refer to several books and other educational materials that would enhance your marketing knowledge. A book called Threshold Resistance describes what prevents customers from entering retail stores. In this way you would be able to establish a status that would help you in enhancing your business growth.
  3. Place Forms within Slides: Place your lead generation forms within your SlideShare presentations. You can do it a number of times.
  4. Add External Links: You must place superficial links and calls so that your clients may gather more information about you, more quickly and at the right time.
  5. Share Your Slides On Social Media: You must share your SlideShare presentations across all social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. since then it becomes convenient for your customers to communicate well.
  6. Design Slides With End-goal In Mind: As you know that SlideShow provides a lot of tools to attract leads, you must keep in mind not to use every tool that is available. That should be your end goal. Use the available tools to create a process that would help your audience to learn more about your products and services. This way you would be giving importance to the useful things, which is your goal, and not all the tools that are available to you.

Benefits of Using Slideshare:

One of the benefits of using SlideShare in generating leads is that it makes users feel that they have not left LinkedIn since it is connected to LinkedIn. On SlideShare, you can create documents with a number of slides according to your wishes which will help audiences view not only one but many slides. Using Slide Show, you would be able to develop better relationships with your customers which in turn will help in building loyalty. Through SlideShare you are offering your customer with an opportunity to gain more knowledge about you and your services. These benefits will help you in establishing your position in the professional arena. The more successful you become, the more efficiently you would be able to generate leads.


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