Content Marketing for Small Businesses

There’s nothing as important as quality content when it comes to digital marketing. Good content will help your SEO, social media, and conversions. It helps you get the links and shares. Content is so powerful that it can help a small business reach hundreds and thousands of people without spending a lot on advertising.

Small businesses can save up a lot on conventional advertising through this strategy. Moreover, it is a long-term strategy and keeps bringing results for a long time. Many small enterprises believe they are doing well even without content marketing. Here is why they are wrong:

  1. Increases Brand Awareness
    A survey shows that 70 percent of customers prefer an article over an advertisement for knowing about a business. That means you are missing out on a major chunk of your potential customers if you do not have a rigorous content strategy.
    Good content builds a reputation and adds credibility to your business. You can reach out to the customers while enabling them to form an opinion about your brand. If your content is informative and engaging, they will be able to trust your business more. 78 percent of the consumers believe that companies publishing custom content intend to develop a rapport with them.
  2. Helps Throughout the Sales Funnel
    Content marketing provides benefits for all the stages of the sales funnel. While these stages vary for different businesses, the major process is the same. Every sales funnel includes awareness, interest, evaluation, desire, action, and re-engagement.
    Some people are willing to buy while some are hesitant. Regardless of their intentions, they all have questions about the product or service in your niche. That is why they are running the search in the first place. Your content will help you rank for your target searches. This is why content is extremely important for local SEO. For instance, a person searches for the best laptops or anything related to your business on Google (the awareness stage). This individual will only peruse your website if the content is able to answer these queries.
    However, do not fill your content with the typical advertising jargon. The content must offer value to the reader and include a subtle, convincing call-to-action (CTA).
  3. Increases Conversion Rates
    Good content helps increase conversion rates. It has the potential to turn a reluctant reader into a passionate buyer (of course the quality of your service also matters here). A few statistics can show how content marketing can boost conversions.
    One study shows that content marketing renders six times more conversion rates than any other online marketing strategy. Another one shows that 61 percent of the consumers made a purchase after reading a recommendation on a blog.
    However, all this depends on how much value your content is offering. People prefer informative content over the typical sales copies now. So, even if you are writing to advertise your products, you have to be subtle and focus more on value.
  4. Helps Reach Out to a Larger, More Diverse Audience
    High-quality content makes your website known and acknowledged among internet users. Based on its value and engaging power, the readers will not just keep it to themselves but also share it with their peers. What is more, the content keeps bringing traffic after months and even years without any cost. This is way more beneficial than paid advertising where your reach ends when the campaign ends.
    The shares of your content help widen your audience and ultimately your customers. One real-life example shows that targeted, localized content for specific areas can increase engagement by 48 percent and gain a plethora of unique followers. It also gets backlinks from other businesses, which adds to the credibility and reputation.
  5. Improves SEO
    SEO plays a significant role in digital marketing. Every business wants to improve its search engine optimization, but it is difficult to pick out the best strategy as a new enterprise. A well-crafted content plays a key role in rendering the SEO effective. So much so that it is deemed as a sine qua non for optimization.
    Regardless of how relevant and pervasive your keywords are, they would not matter if you are not using them effectively in the content. Similarly, no matter how good your content is, it would not accomplish the desired results without a strategic keyword placement.

Experts maintain that relevant content creation is the most effective strategy for SEO. Your organic search traffic increases substantially when you get backlinks from other brands and get shares from your readers.


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