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How face app took the world by storm

The amazing and unique photo filter, Face App, which takes the help of artificial intelligence, that helps in changing your face digitally have gone viral once again. Introduced to the world in 2017, by Wireless Lab a Russian company, the application has been trending on the social media platforms. The #FaceAppChallenge is currently in the no.1 position after many individuals shared their altered images on the internet. The application simply turns a person, to look older and many individuals are enjoying this app in the best way possible.

Interesting things to know About Creators of Face App

The Face App is currently support for iOS and Android, and the Russian company who created this application is still unknown and mysterious to many people. Therefore, recently, the company made headlines regarding the privacy issues related to the app. Therefore, keeping everything aside, here are some things you would like to know about the creators of Face App.
  1. The company goes by the Wireless Lab, is founded by Yaroslav Goncharov, a native of St. Petersburg, where he received his education from Academic Gymnasium, which is a part of St. Petersburg State University.
  2. Yaroslav Goncharov worked with Microsoft for two years, served as a co-founder of SPB Software, and later by 2013 he left SPB Software that is now known as Yandex. After leaving the company, he founded Wireless Lab, and by 2014 started working on his first project, the Face App.
  3. The company was founded and was located in St. Petersburg itself, and by 2018 the company moved to Skolkovo, which is known as the “Innovative City” situated not that far aware from Moscow. The company currently operates from Skolkovo, which is Russia’s Silicon Valley.
  4. In the recent speculations for user security, the company has given a clear statement that they do not share or sell any type of user data with a third person, and they gladly accept the requests of their fellow users in order to remove the data completely.
  5. The company is still new, but going strong despite all the accusations by the top-notch individuals in the industry. Therefore, Wireless Lab is licensed and certified under the rules and regulations of the Russian government, and are currently aiming to create more applications for their customers.
  6. One of the most interesting things about this company is that they took the off AI along with machine-learning techniques, in order to process digital photos in large quantities. Currently, every single individual, including the celebrities are fascinated by the company’s application and keep using the app despite so many accusations.

Have fun using the new Face App

The Wireless Lab has gained recognition for their Face App application, and many people believe the app to be the best, and the most technologically advanced application of this generation. The company is currently going strong in their position, and they are doing their best to offer their best products and services to all its customers. Despite so much criticism, the founder has assured everyone, through a small interview, about the privacy and data leaking issues. There are many things to watch out for, what this company has in store, and they are aiming to deliver something bigger and better, in the coming future.


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