Questions to Ask When Buying a Life Insurance Policy

Planning the decision to purchase life insurance can be overwhelming since it’s one of the biggest life decisions you’ll have to make. You must choose the right life insurance plan and company. You need to identify how much coverage you’ll need, know your beneficiaries, and many more things related to buying a life insurance policy.

Purchasing life insurance for the first time may prompt additional questions you are confused or curious about. We’re here to help you ask the right and needed questions before you go ahead buying the policy.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

This will depend on multiple various factors. The amount of life insurance is determined by your current financial obligations, like your debt, mortgage, and childcare. Important things like your family’s inclusive future needs, such as educational costs and retirement funds. These are the essential things you need to consider, together with the length and kind of policy you pick, can assist you to have that estimate on the amount of life insurance that might suit you and your family’s needs.

What is the Insurance Plan Monthly and Yearly Premium?

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Premiums can differ greatly depending on the plan and coverage. There are several plans that provide discounts if you pay the premium on an annual basis.

What If I Don’t Die?

Absurdly, some people will feel disappointed if they bought term life insurance and find out that if they don’t die, they won’t get anything in return. If you think this concerns you, it’s crucial that you get the right understanding of what will happen to your policy as you finish the end of the term.

As you reach the end of your policy term, you may have the choice to keep your policy. If you do, and you are paying level premiums, you may expect a heavy jump in your premium. So, if you’ve been staying healthy at that point in your life and you want to keep the coverage, it’s best that you apply for a new policy.

It could be that you only wanted your policy to cover you as long as you had a mortgage, or when you’ve finished paying your kids’ college education. If this is the situation and you have no other obligations to protect, you may want to let the policy end.

What Type of Policy Should I Purchase?

types of insurance policy

There are two basic categories of life insurance products: permanent life insurance or term life insurance. Commonly, with a term policy, you may choose the duration of time and amount of coverage, and your payments don’t change over time. Permanent policies usually provide lifelong protection, as long as premiums are paid, and may let you construct cash value. The type of policy you really need depends on your personal circumstances and financial goals.

Does My Plan Require a Physical Examination?

Well, most plans typically necessitate a physical exam to be accomplished prior to the plan going into effect. In a lot of cases, it needs to be done at your cost by an approved doctor.

Will Lifestyle Factors Affect My Life Insurance Policy Before and After the Plan Goes Into Effect?

Insurance plans will normally have lifestyle factors they need to assess before issuing a life insurance policy and these factors may have an influence on the premium you pay after the plan goes into validity.

What Will Happen if I Miss a Monthly Premium or Make Late Payments?


If you are not able to pay your life insurance premium or you paid late, this may have an impact on your benefits and if the policy stays in force.

If I Decide to Move Out of State or to Another Country, What Happens With My Plan?

Although a lot of life insurance companies operate nationwide, every state has various insurance laws. This is why it’s important to understand how transferring to another state or country may affect your policy and plan benefits. Make sure you clarify this to your chosen insurance provider.

What Situations or Circumstances Can My Insurance Policy be cancelled?

A lot of insurance coverages have specific conditions which permit the insurance provider to cancel a plan, you must be informed about these circumstances.

Can I Upgrade My Current Policy and How?

A lot of term policies include a “conversion privilege” which allows you to necessarily trade in your old term policy for a new permanent policy and not ceasing to pay premiums, which may be higher. This is a helpful feature that offers future flexibility, but because several policies have limitations, you must be wise with the conversion laws of any policy you’re considering.

The most openhanded term policies let you convert to any kind of permanent policy available, including universal life, whole life, or variable universal life. A few term policies may push you to convert to one type, and several companies may not provide all types, which can restrict your options.


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