Smartphones - Leading Us to the Future of Technological Human

Imagine its 2010 and the Symbian phones by Nokia are leading the smartphone space. People are not much aware of what smartphones can do in the future. All you can do using a phone is to call, send SMS/MMS, click Images, listen to downloaded music, browse a few websites, and use basic social media platforms but still a lot less. Now see you holding a smartphone in 2020. Things have changed drastically over a decade and we still feel that smartphones can change the future for the better. All of our works have shifted from offline to online, all types of work have become easily managed and done, all thanks to these devices.

Believing the notion of smartphones providing more usefulness than harm, smartphones will drive us to the future of the superior gadget world. With the changing times, smartphones have evolved to provide more convenience to users and have helped solve numerous problems. Let us discuss how smartphones can have changed things in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Before any advancements made in the communication sector, mobile phones only served the purpose of wireless calling and listening to the radio. With the launch of the iPhone in 2007 by Apple.Inc, the small humble phone evolved into a device that can do so anything with a wide range of functionalities. In 2012, Smartphones topped the list of “101 Gadgets That Changed the World” leaving behind Television, the Television, Personal Computer, Light Bulb, etc. When laptops and tablets were considered to be the alternative to Personal Computer, who would have thought that Smartphones will be the flag bearer in this march to innovation and technology. Desktops used to dominate market share in terms of Internet Traffic and then smartphones made many devices redundant and outstripped the competing devices in terms of functionality and ease of usage. A few devices that mobile phones replaced were: MP3 player, point-and-shoot digital camera, GPS, alarm clock, flashlight, handheld gaming system, e-reader, guitar tuner, voice recorder, dictionary, infrared remote, and web-conferencing device. Check out the best deals on Black Friday Huawei P20 2020.

In terms of serving a purpose, smartphones now lead our lives in ways we cannot even fathom. Here are a few reasons why smartphones could outsmart all other devices single-handedly:

  1. Limitless Potential: The number of functions that a single smartphone could do led to a spike in buying all in one gadget rather than going for a device for a single-use functionality. The adoption rate of smartphones was roof breaking with smartphones providing an ability to the customers to brag about what that device could do. Smartphones outpaced the TV as a customer technology with the fastest adoption rate of 40% market saturation in just 2 and a half years, as per MIT’s Technology Review.
  2. Information Processing: With access to high-speed internet and search engine services like Google, Information has been at the tip of our fingers. Smartphones now account for 60% of the internet traffic surpassing desktops. With a one-touch system to generate and process information, the brain processes are also changing. With the advent of communication technology, we are becoming symbiotic with our smartphones and remembering less information and knowing about where the information can be found. On the other hand, it became a revolutionary tool to gather information. Now journalists and media observers could easily conduct interviews and report using just a smartphone. Widespread use of smartphones led to becoming a tool to drive social revolution and to guide information dissemination at the right place, at the right time, and to the right person.
  3. Human Identity & Social Interaction: Smartphones have now become a digital extension of ourselves and more importantly an identity. With all the documents and Identities linked to mobile numbers, our smartphones now have become our identities. Just your mobile number can be used to avail of several services and provides easy to access everything from your hands. Due to smartphones, social interaction saw a huge surge with people using different mediums like blogs, social media, and messaging apps. The ability to connect to people increased drastically and it is a very unique way of human interactions ever in the history of mankind.

The access to contact information in the storage and availing various services all from a smartphone, gives us a way of life, a new way of earning, and ease. Now over 3 billion people using smartphones, villages are becoming more accessible to services used by the urban class, bringing changes in social and cultural landscapes, for better and for worse.


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