Smart Home Appliances to Upgrade Your Living

Technology keeps advancing. It is truly getting more impressive, not just by the physical looks but also by the features that enhance human life.

A huge dream of many people is to own a beautiful house and to enjoy a worthwhile living in it. Indeed, with the uninterrupted developments in technology, loads of fantastic devices that embellish homes also make people lengthen their dream house checklists! Many want a home that is not just comely but also smart!

Because of various technological gadgets created for homes, day-to-day needs and problems are helped. People’s lifestyles are improved. Basic designs of these smart home appliances clothe fine roles that definitely aid people, making life at home more convenient and manageable.

Whether you are having your new house built or looking into buying your next smart gadget or appliance, the list below is a must-read to help you find out some smart home must-haves! Prepare to take down notes, so you can be reminded anytime too!

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home
    It’s not a pet, not a toy and not a ghost-operated item. It’s the roomba — the robot vacuum cleaner!
    You have probably seen this device in luxurious houses shown in some TV series and movies. The robot vacuum cleaner is pretty surprising for first-time seers because it can move without anyone around. If it’s your first time seeing one, you would ask, “Woah, what’s that?” On the other hand, a guest, who has not seen such before, might get startled when they meet your roaming robot vacuum on his/her way out of your house’s comfort room. This smart device is somehow shockingly wowing at first encounter.
    The robot vacuum cleaner has gotten the spotlight for its notable attributes. With its intelligent programming, it can drive itself and clean your house floors without your presence. Though you can also have the option to manually operate it, it’s a big boon to turn its self-drive mode on. This is advantageous since you can do other house chores like cooking, just relax and bond with your family while the robot vacuum serves. There is a feature that allows you to set the time for it to work plus the area size you want it to cover. Even when you are outdoors, you can pre-schedule it to run on its own.
    You just have to put the robot vacuum in a suitable and safe stretch on the floor that will mark its starting point. This smart vacuum saves you useful space at home because you can safeguard it under couches, desks, tables, closets, beds and other furniture. They are not like the standard vacuum cleaners that obviously demand a wide storage space.
    Robot vacuum cleaners come in diverse designs. Rotating brushes attached on some variations are key to access tight areas and corners of the house. Some have special properties such as potent dirt suctioning and UV sterilization.
    The robot vacuum cleaner does all the jobs it is intended for. It does not only clean but also memorize the format of your floor area. It gathers dirt, and it disposes as well. No worries because whatever floor type or surface your house has, the roomba can handle! Charging it is not a hassle at all because it may also find its way back to its particular charging spot.
    Typically, pets and kids are usually frightened by things like this robot vacuum cleaner. Many homeowners are worried that this device leads to nuisances at home, but don’t be bothered! You can set limits to it, so it won’t go into rooms they are not supposed to and so you can keep your roomba away from busy spaces in the house. It respects privacy too!

    Do early morning showers make you chill and freeze? Are cold baths during summer not enough to eliminate the irritating heat? Well, a shower thermostatic mixer is exactly what you need to adjust your baths into just perfect!
    The thermostatic mixer keeps up a precise water temperature while you bathe. This peerless technology enables you to modify heat and steam selections. It blends the cold and hot water to your pre-defined temperature. In case the water supply’s temperature changes, the thermostatic mixer will revamp again for you.
    Because you have control, you can be sure that you will not be surprised by abrupt shifts in water temperature. This is also the best choice to guarantee children’s safety and elderly’s convenience during shower time.
    For a soon-to-be built or completed dwelling, you must consult your new home builder to guide you in the installation of this. You won’t regret spending money on such a serviceable home gadget!
    Ideal for quick food preparations and for tired or lazy days, this automatic pot stirrer is a smart home device you can count on!
    You can encounter the automatic pot stirrer in different designs and styles. There are those with a motor sitting between the arms that attach to the pot. Meanwhile, some have a three-armed motor, accessible from the bottom. Stainless steel, rubber-covered paddles and rigid plastic are some materials that compose specific pot stirrers.
    auto pot stirrer
    When buying, you must also take into consideration the exact purpose that the pot stirrer in front of you has. Why? Some of them are made particularly for soups, creams, liquids and other thin elements while some are for baking and more demanding cooking styles. You can ensure that your hands-free pot stirrer will last really long if you use it as it must be used!
    You cannot deny that the automatic pot stirrer might be small but its power is like none else. For dishes that require constant and also forceful stirring, you will really thank this smart gadget! What’s more, there’ll be no grease and stains on your hands and clothes! Need a free hand while cooking and stirring? The automatic pot stirrer got your back!
    Plant lovers and homeowners with gardens, here’s something you should have! It’s a wonderful device that’s handy and super practical.
    Plants need water, but they cannot be drowned with too much of it, or else, they will die! Sometimes, when you leave your hose or sprinkler watering your plants while you are inside the house doing other chores, you forget to turn the faucet off. When you remember, it’s too late. It becomes a problem because your flowers and plants get too submerged in water. That’s why you should have a hose timer!
    The hose timer is an easy-to-Install smart home device that reduces your waiting time in front of the faucet filling a drum or watering your lawn. It allows you to multitask without troubles! The hose timer may be battery-operated while some are sunlight-operated. Get yours as necessary for you.
    The function of this hose timer is to activate and deactivate the water flow even while you are away. You can set it to open and close at your personally determined hours. You can be sleeping inside your house, working in the office or unwinding on a vacation while your garden is maintained and beautified.
    Having a hose timer is something you can be proud of because it can help you conserve water. One of its features that makes it worth your money is a built-in flow meter to monitor water consumption. It really makes you a smarter homeowner as you can prevent overwatering and avoid costly water bills! You can be a more responsible person and teach others with you to be more sensible too.


Without a doubt, one of the constantly evolving things in this world is technology. It keeps innovating. One day, you see fresh releases of smart gadgets, and in the next few weeks, manufacturers and inventors are up to something new. There’s immeasurable possibilities, but what’s definite is that the technology within homes will just keep making houses smarter and people’s lives easier.

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