Tips to Become a Better Web Designer

The world is increasingly demanding. How about being a better and better Designer? Your customer wins and you earn much more.

I love writing articles for this blog that is not only a designer or creative professional. It is much more than that. I’ve said it around here a few times. Here we deal with several subjects. What’s cooler is that they all have to do with creativity. In this article, I have separated here some tips that will help you to be an even better website designer in your work. And, if you are not a designer or a creative professional, there is no problem. These tips fit different sectors of activity.

With the globalized and connected world, only those who want to be alienated from changes, trends, and news. What was needed a big computer and high cost with the internet today is all in the palm of your hand, in our increasingly powerful smartphones. It would be so cool if all users were aware of the real importance of the internet in our lives. But, anyway, let’s change the course of this prose. I hate to be melancholy and the text is going in that direction.

Before proceeding further, you should have been aware of top website design trends. The following infographic will show the same:
Top Web Design Trends 2020

Getting informed is the best way for everything. Every day there are new features that contribute to updating the profession and the professional.

  • Always be a good questioner:
    Nothing is an absolute idea. The ideas are there to be followed, to be transformative and, why not, questionable. Questioning always within a healthy environment also helps to form your opinion.
  • The critical sense is essential:
    It has everything to do with the tip above. In the development of your work you will be sure that it is perfect, but be open to constructive opinions and criticisms and make an analysis of it. There is always a way to work to be improved. It doesn’t have to be “chatonildo”. Having the least common sense does not hurt anyone.
  • State your ideas:
    Its creation process went through a long work. The time for the presentation came and you simply sent it by email. You can even use email as a sending resource, but make a case for the job.
  • Now and then it is important to say no:
    We have plans and goals and most of them need money. Therefore, we all fall into the mistake of taking everything that lies ahead. Over time and traumatic experiences, we learned to separate the chaff from the wheat. Who never took that job that in the end became a real trap, a bomb in our hands. Here is the maxim that says: better get 100 jobs for 1 real or 1 job for 100 reals? I thought about it.
  • Always be transparent, especially with you:
    This is a tip following the previous tip. No one can be perfect at all. A beautiful example is the agencies that in the early 2000s did everything. They proposed to be graphic design, web design, press relations, advertising … I was one who fell into this error. If you are a designer, propose to be a beautiful design. There is no point in accepting a social media job if you are not competent to do so just to get more work or please your client. If you can’t do it and don’t think you can handle it, don’t be afraid to say no. Your client will be fine and life goes on.
  • Work sparingly:
    Working with what you like is all good. Running out of work is terrible. But don’t make your daily routine addictive or excessive. We need to have a good family and social life besides work. This is part of the growth as well.
    When we work compulsively it feels good, but only at the beginning. That’s because we love what we do. After some time in the good workaholic style, several complications appear. Your health will go away, your social life will go away and be silly, even your wife will leave lol
  • Walk together with your partners:
    It is extremely important in our professional environment and in life to walk in partnership. Nobody does anything alone. Here one hand always needs to wash the other. The partnership is only good when both sides win. When someone offers you a partner, especially when there is a division of labor and money, you need to analyze if it is not heavier on one side than on the other.
    If your partners just suck you, better switch.
  • Invest in your career:
    The internet is full of free content. Handouts, courses, books, video lessons, all of this is at will. But if you want to make progress, don’t just stick to free content. There are several courses, workshops, and lectures that come to your city and that are paid.
    In addition to learning from the best professionals, you have access to exclusive content on exactly what you are looking for and you can meet new professionals and increase your network.
  • Learn to speak English, you know?
    English is the universal language. Fact! When you learn and apply a new language, especially English in your daily life, the world opens up. You have access to international content that is of great value. And when that opportunity arises in a multinational company, you no longer need to fear or be frustrated for not having made it through the first stage.
  • Read, read, read, read:
    Speaking of opening your mind, don’t go into the statistics that show that Brazilians don’t have the habit of reading. Reading is essential. I don’t just talk about trendy books (Harry Potter saga or 50 shades of gray), let alone technical books in your field. Diversify your reading with other literature titles. There are national classics, art books, European classics, history, curiosities, in short, good content is not lacking on the shelves of physical and virtual bookstores.
    If you want to practice, you first need to understand the theory. There are several basic design rules that you will not know exactly in which order to use them to create good websites. Also, when you take a project, you will have to discuss it with the client and it is always good to make it clear that you know what you are doing, using good and well-grounded arguments about the “this is good” and “ this is not so good ”.

One of the most common mistakes for beginners is not creating their portfolio; you go to visit your client, he asks to see some work you have already done, and you have nothing to show. Break that circle and be your first customer! Think of a project that you would like to implement and then create a website for it! That way, you create your portfolio create your portfolio and, even more, you gain experience.

Once you’ve talked to your client, don’t try to shorten the time to run the project. You need to analyze how long it will take to calmly deliver the job, and make it clear to him. Leave an extra day or two in case something goes wrong. If you manage to finish the project ahead of schedule, it will be an excellent surprise for the customer, but, on the contrary, it can complicate it with the same!


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