Companies these days find very difficult to decide, whether they wish to invest in full-stack developers or DevOps consulting companies. This is because, many organizations have poor knowledge, about them and what they are capable of, and also do not know the similarities and dissimilarities, they might have amongst each other. This makes the situation much worse, and they miss out the best right under their nose. In order to understand, how to choose a good DevOps consulting and implementation company, allow this document to answer all your questions.

What is DevOps?

Before you take the option of finding the right company, to receive DevOps consulting and implementation services, you need to have a clear understanding, what exactly DevOps is. DevOps is the combination of “development” and “operation” was formed by Patrick Debois in 2009, and it is not a standard process or technology. Therefore, it is a transformation in the IT culture, where it is focused on the rapid IT services delivery, by adopting the lean, and agile practices in order to provide a system-oriented approach. With the help of DevOps, it allows culture and individual to improve the collaboration between development and operations team.

10 ways to select the best DevOps consulting company

In order to choose the right DevOps company for your business, you need to check out the tools they use, the challenges they face, and their work performance, when providing their services. Given below is a list of 10 ways that will enable you, to choose the right DevOps provides for your business. They are:
  1. Choose the company that carry the right set of tools: When you are in a mission, to look for the best DevOps consulting company, it is important for you to join hands with the one, that carries all the set of tools, which will play a key role for the success of your business. Tools like the planning tools, building tools, deployment tools, and client feedback system. With the help of these tools, it will allow you to receive, the correct automation for the server monitoring, application performance, and get to capture a good amount of feedback from the clients.
  2. The development and research service: It is important for you to look for a DevOps company, which will help in conducting the existing processes and infrastructure and get to delivering a good performance, by working side-by-side with you and get to document all the existing systems. This will allow you to get your job done in mind, provide a positive outcome.
  3. The planning: Nothing can be done if you do not plan beforehand. The DevOps team will help in testing, all your business goals in different areas, and also provide their helping hand by creating strategies for the infrastructures, which you be needing in no time. Therefore, the planning will involve security, performance, and infrastructure stability.
  4. Uses the right technology: There are numerous types of technology available when it comes to DevOps. However, all technologies are not guaranteed to be good, for which it is important for you, to perform a background check and ask the team, the type of technology they happen to use. Choose a company that carries top-notch technologies, which helps in data-testing, increasing the reputation of the brand, and allows web developers to design a lower entry threshold.
  5. The DevOps team: Choosing the right DevOps company means, receive their elite group of professionals. The team of young minds with carrying all the knowledge, and will know the pros and cons, on how to operate and provide the right DevOps consulting and implementation services. The experts will take care of all the work, so that you do not face any kind of issue, in the process. With their help, it will enable you to meet all your business goals in time.
  6. The Do’s and Don’ts of cloud computing through DevOps: The company who provides its DevOps solutions, make sure they know all goods and bads of DevOps, for cloud computing. With the rise of new technologies, you will be properly guided on how to run your company, in a much more effective manner. Therefore, use DevOps for your cloud-based platforms, will allow you to benefit in a good manner.
  7. The benefits you will receive: Using the help of DevOps company will enable you to reduce the implementation time, from months to minutes, help increase the productivity of IT teams, and your business. Therefore, it will also allow you to save a good amount of cash, on upgrades and maintenance, and get rid of the unwanted capital expenditure.
  8. Reduces the risk: When you take the help of the elite DevOps company, it will allow you to reduce the chances of risks, by adding a good amount of security to the software delivery lifecycle. This will help you by saving time, and the team will take care of all the security issues.
  9. Increases the scope of valued delivery: The company will create a repetitive delivery surrounding, and it will offer good results, for favorable conditions where the focus will be on the new changes and the enhanced value creations, through digital transformation.
  10. Flexible and lean: The DevOps company can work well with digital transformation, by splitting the major projects, into small segments. Their services will help in improving the fields of quick responds and data gathering.

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Some of the best DevOps consulting and implementation companies in USA are:

  • Marlabs Inc
  • Xenonstack
  • Algoworks
  • Veritis
  • Contino
  • Cloud Technology Partners, Inc
  • RTS Labs
  • Flux7
  • Shippable
  • Squadex
  • Nebulaworks

The summary!

With the above-mentioned points, you will face no issues when you are in, dire need of the assistance of a good and reputed DevOps consulting company, to meet all your business requirements, in time.


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