Social Media Websites for Lead Generation

In What Ways You Can Generate Leads

Leads are essential for businesses today. If you want your business to grow through social media or you’re seeking new and different ways to generate leads or as an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for potential clients, then it will become a necessity for you to generate leads.

Social Media Sites That Generate Leads

If you are in need of producing leads, following is a list of the best ten social media sites that will help you in creating the same:

  1. Facebook: Using Facebook, your business can make a huge difference since it is a double edged sword. Facebook has become the most popular social media platform in recent years. Facebook is lead generation friendly. By creating your Facebook page, you can easily attract a number of customers that will help increase revenues. You can also make a large number of customers by capturing their email addresses using various tactics of lead generation, on Facebook, like creating a newsletter signup form and offering contests.
  2. Twitter: Using Twitter, you can concentrate and message your tweets without getting stuck. There are several twitter targeting changes, such as TV ad targeting and tailored audiences. Twitter offers suggestions on how to use them in creating leads. You can also produce leads using twitter lead generation cards and through data and twitter chats.
  3. LinkedIn: Through LinkedIn, your advertisements are more likely to be seen by your targeted audiences. The six degrees concept will help in boosting your bottom line by connecting you with people whom you can easily convert into paying clients.
  4. Instagram: By marketing, using visual contents such as videos and images, on Instagram, you can easily boost your business.
  5. OptinMonster: OptinMonster is the most powerful and useful lead generating tool that will help you in attracting customers more quickly and at the right moment. You can create visually amazing lightboxes and popups that capture leads. It will also help you in increasing your mailing list and recovering your abandoned carts.
  6. Audiense: Audiense helps you in building loyalty and communication with your customers. It is a social intelligence tool that will help you target new customers. Audiense makes use of tracking to help you enhance engagement with clients.
  7. Tweepi: Tweepi is a twitter tool that will help you attract more and more customers. First, it locates clients who are interested in you and then you can connect with your audience by following them or mentioning them in your list.
  8. Socedo: Using Socedo, you can divide your audience into multiple categories. This will help you to choose relevant segments.
  9. SocialBakers: Using this tool, you can make decisions according to your followers’ data. You can also measure your performance with that of your competitors and improve your marketing strategies accordingly.
  10. ZeroFOX: ZeroFOX is a security tool that will help you in protecting your brands and products from hackers. It will also protect your social media reputation by eliminating offensive contents. It will also protect your followers from scammers.

By leveraging these top ten social media tools, you can easily gain leads for your venture, almost at the drop of a hat!

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