Top Trends of Mobile App Development

It is no secret that technology has revolutionized our lives. Mobile app development has led us to a new era of technology. A mobile user can use the device to perform so many functions with just a swipe and click. The credit goes to mobile app development technologies. They are continuously evolving and providing solutions to consumers. Millions of apps are being developed and used by people all over the world. App development has completely transformed marketing strategies over the globe.

Successful businesses are implementing several ideas to have a reliable and engaging app. You can hire a professional app development company to get the most engaging application developed for your business.

Indeed, you don’t need to dig deeper into the way the application is made. But it is essential to learn about the top trends of the mobile app development industry. No business owner wants to lag behind competitors!

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Following is a list of top mobile app development 10 trends for 2021:

1. Cloud-Based Mobile Applications:

Cloud technology has been a successful venture in the past few years. The integration of this technology in mobile app development is a recent trend. The rising popularity of this trend is because it makes the app function seamlessly across different platforms.

Just like traditional technology, mobile users are no longer worried about storage space. Large amounts of data are efficiently stored. It improved the collaboration and productivity of the mobile app. There is a visible reduction in hosting with minimum equipment costs involved.

2. Chatbots:

Chatbots have been increasing the functionality of websites for a few years. Despite the awareness, the technology has not yet reached its full potential. Integrating chatbots in your business app is a need of the hour without any doubt.

Home delivery apps are successfully using this technology to earn better profits. The user can get quick and precise answers without the hassle of typing and reading.

Impressive business growths are being observed by this integration. According to a survey more than 60% of consumers are interested in interacting with chatbots.

3. Instant Apps:

Instant app technology introduced by Google in 2016. Within a few years of its launch, it appears to be a promising technology for the future. The native apps are making things more convenient for consumers and developers.

The instant working features are loved by people as time is the most precious commodity these days. You don’t have to download these apps to test them. The excellent user experience without using any storage space makes it super attractive.

4. Payment Integration Apps:

E-marketing has been on a surge for a few years now. More and more people are relying on online shopping websites. International transactions are more common than ever before in human history.

Payment gateways and wallet integration applications are taking over the industry. They are being made safer and more reliable every other day.
The cashless technology took a turn as people are adopting mobile wallets instead of cards and bills. The more safely encrypted a payment app is, the more reliable it gets.

5. Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Apps

AI is the future. International Data Corporation released a report stating “By the end of 2020, the AI industry is estimated to reach a total value of more than $40 billion”.

The figures are promising about the use of artificial intelligence technology in mobile app development. Consumers will be introduced to smarter and faster solutions.

It saves a lot of effort, time and costs involved in hiring app development services in London. You will get better results in minimum possible costs.

6. Internet of Things:

Multiple industry sectors like transportation, healthcare, and e-commerce have benefited from the Internet of Things. It is leading to a better tomorrow as mobile dependency is being questioned upon.

The total number of IoT devices is expected to hit 20 billion in the year 2020. The non-IT equipment can be easily controlled using remotes and mobile applications. It’s not about some sci-fi movie.

The year 2021 will witness a surge in the use of IoT. The developers are constantly working to build user-friendly apps as it is going to be an essential part of life.

7. Blockchain Technology in Mobile Apps:

There have been concerns about data tampering. Blockchain technology has emerged as a dependable solution. It eliminates the chances of tampering and makes the app safe and secure. The secure environment is essential for websites dealing with finance.

In the coming years, blockchain technology integration will be a huge trend in mobile app developers. The benefits include the streamlining of data management processes and easy transactions.

The uncompromised safety is a need of the hour in financing and banking sector. People yet feel hesitant about online transactions.

8. Offline Capability:

Mobile apps are being developed to work in offline modes. The user will be able to use the features even when they are not connected to the internet. The offline capability development is the trend for 2021 and the coming years.

The features allow the user to work and then synch the data as they get connected to the internet later. The persistent storage over a server database is accessible by automated or manual syncing.

9. Beacon Technology:

Every business niche can benefit from Beacon technology. It has a great scope in proximity digital marketing. This technology allows the business to send personalized information to nearby smartphones.

A small radio transmitter using Bluetooth, low energy wireless technology sends signals and informs the users about the special offers, discounts, and product launches, etc. It has a huge potential to improve the customer base.

10. Wearable Smart Devices

The smart wearable devices have been launched and appreciated. A few examples are smartwatches, fitness trackers and bands. The wearable market will see a surge in 2021.

As you have gathered information about the current trends in the industry, it’s easier to find a reliable mobile app development company in London. It’s essential to stay ahead of your competitors!


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