Whether a new Mac user, a general everyday operator, or an advanced client, we can bet that we know some Mac tips and tricks that you are yet to find. These tips are not only designed to boost your productivity and improve your workday on the Mac, but also step up your security and enhance your satisfaction levels with the computer.

If you think that’s not true, let’s get into it then.

  1. Hot Corners:
    Hot corners are a shortcut control that tells your computer what to do whenever the mouse is hovering around a certain corner. You can decide to set the Mac to launch an app, run a program, play music, or anything at all.
    Head into the Settings dashboard to look for the Hot Corners.
    P.S. Check out the Advanced Hot Corners if you find yourself mistakenly activating too many hot corners.
  2. Spotlight:
    We used to recommend turning this feature off since it collects data about you and your computer/internet usage, but you can get all around that if you have a VPN for Mac installed.
    That said, Spotlights is an intelligent assistant that helps you find anything on your Mac computer and the internet. It is a handy little feature if you don’t want to go scrolling through tons of files to locate just one – or want a fast answer about something on the internet.
  3. App Switching:
    Instead of working the mouse back to every other app that you have opened, press down the Command and Tab buttons to cycle between the various open apps. When you get to the one you want to get into again, release the controls.
  4. Hide a Window:
    Working on something sensitive and someone just happens to walk into the room? You don’t need to slam your Mac’s cover.
    Press Command + H and the window fades into the background. Access the window again by using the app switching shortcut mentioned above.
  5. Desktop Switching:
    It is one thing to switch between apps and another thing to cycle around multiple desktops.
    When operating more than one desktop unit, press the Control button with the right or left arrow key to access any of the desktops.
  6. Screenshots:
    This is an interesting one.
    Some of you probably know the following commands and what they do:

    • Shift + Command + 3 = screenshot
    • Shift + Command + 4 = select screenshot area

    What you might not know is that Shift + Command + 5 allows you to record your entire screen or choose what portion of the screen to record. Just like the Screen recording features on iPhones and iPads, only better.

  7. Picture-in-Picture:
    This mode is not yet available everywhere and developers need to integrate it more into the mac OS, but you can use it with services like YouTube.
    When streaming YouTube from Safari, for example, right-click on the video (twice) and you get a menu with the P-in-P option
  8. Copying Link:
    Trying to copy a browser link in Safari?
    Press Command + L to highlight the link in the address bar without having to scroll there with your mouse – and use Command + C to copy the link to the clipboard.
  9. Watch Unlock:
    For those who have an Apple watch, you don’t have to enter a password every time you want to unlock your Mac units.
    Head into the settings dashboard (under System Preferences > Security and Privacy) to toggle this neat little feature on.
  10. Faster DND Enabling:
    Need to use DND? Don’t bother navigating with the mouse.
    Hold the Option key while clicking on the Notification Centre icon. You now get the option to turn on your DND.
  11. Keyboard Only:
    For any reason at all that you might want to control your mouse cursor with the keyboard, Apple has an answer to that on the MacBook.
    Under the Accessibility settings, choose Alternate Controls from the Pointer Settings section. Enable the Mouse Keys and select the option to have them turned on when the Options key is pressed five times.
    Once done, pressing the option key five times from anywhere allows you to control the mouse from your keyboard.
  12. Renaming Folders/ Files:
    Force Touch on the folder or file that you wish to rename. You get the option to change the name faster.
  13. Dictionary:
    Need the definition for a certain word?
    Highlight the said word and Force Touch on your mouse pad. The Mac responds with a dictionary definition for the said word.
  14. Total Deletion:
    When you delete files, they tend to go to the trash can first and you have to go delete them there a second time.
    You can bypass that by pressing Option + Command + Delete all at once while highlighting the intended file(s).

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Got More Tips?

Know some more than we have shared here? You are welcome to share them with us in the comments section. We’d love to know what neat little tricks and tips you use to get the best of your Macs too.


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