Simple ways to market your business offline are less common these days but they are sometimes essential to build a successful company. Many companies think that marketing is only about targeting an audience online or on social media. However, there are some offline marketing strategies for small businesses that are important to be compared with the online ones.

There are some great examples of how to promote home business and how to mix online and offline marketing that are essential, and that we’re going to list in this article.
Not everyone is on social media or on their cell phones the whole day. For this reason, make sure to stick until the end to advertise your business properly and become a branding strategy guru.

  1. Publish an Ad on local newspapers and magazines:
    Most newspapers and magazines nowadays are downloadable and advertising your business in one of them is the perfect example of online and offline marketing mix.
    Newspaper advertising will give you the opportunity to advertise your business to a smaller and specific group of people.
    For instance, a new spa center in town may post an ad on an appropriate local magazine and gain dozens of new customers. In addition, rewarding new clients will make it the perfect marketing strategy, so make sure to read below to know more.
  2. Distribute Printed Materials:
    Printed materials are still a very powerful marketing way to advertise a business no matter how hard social media and online ads try to beat it.
    In fact, unlike digital formats, printed materials are tangible and that’s exactly the difference that many clients need.
    A brochure is the perfect example of offline marketing. In fact, travel agencies have been using them for many years and the number of customers keep them as a reference. The key is to make a brochure stand out by adding beautiful and easy to read fonts, high quality photos and catching headlines.
    Printed materials last, and unlike online ads, they won’t disappear in a few seconds. This is exactly why items such as catalogs or business cards are simple ways to market your business offline.
  3. Participate in Vendor Events and Offer Goodies (and business cards):
    Participating in vendor events and offering goodies is sometimes underestimated for the wrong reasons. While it takes a lot of time organizing it, companies see great beneficial aspects to it that are worth considering.
    You will target a specific audience, have the opportunity to give out your business card and let your target market know that you are their new specialist in the industry.
    Last but not least, offering small goodies is a great move to make customers see and try your product. A more premium version can be displayed and they’ll therefore see the full product and get attracted to your brand.
    To sum up, participating in vendor events while corporate gifting some of your products is one of the simple ways to market your business offline.
  4. Be hosted at a radio station:
    Being hosted at a radio station is another simple way to market your business offline for several reasons. First of all, it allows you to speak up, present your company, and even talk about your company’s social cause.
    Secondly, radios have targeted programs that different groups of people listen to, and that could be a marketing opportunity. Let’s take a new finance consultancy firm as an example, a radio show about how to manage a monthly budget is an excellent way to advertise your business.
    Lastly, radios usually have a wide audience on social media. This could be beneficial to your business as they can share more about your company.
  5. Incentivize referrals and reward them:
    Incentivizing referrals is a great way to promote your business mixing online and offline marketing. For instance, a brand new restaurant chain might offer a 10% discount in exchange for a check-in post on Facebook or a story on Instagram.
    Other than that, another way to reward customers while marketing is to award referrals. A big corporate phone company can award referrals with money off for the first 1000 models of the latest smartphone.
    Referrals are proved to be one of the best offline ways to generate prospects. In addition, you’d get in front of people who may need your product and therefore become loyal customers.

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Simple Ways to Market Your Business Offline – The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to promote home business and corporate companies, you’re probably getting prepared to start. Marketing takes time and finding the right idea can seem daunting, but with these tips and tricks, you should start off the right foot.

In conclusion, mixing online and offline marketing is the ultimate solution to grow your audience targeting the right people. If you want to build a successful company with marketing, you now know what to do.


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