Facebook for b2b business

What Is Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others, to promote products and services so as to enhance business growth, is known as Social Media Marketing. It is becoming widely popular, with time, among researchers and practitioners. You can also refer to it as E-Marketing or Digital marketing. Social media marketing play an important role in company’s progress.

Why Is Facebook Marketing Important

Among all the other social media platforms including twitter and Instagram, you will find that Facebook has become more popular among the users especially businessmen. Companies all over the world have regarded Facebook as the backbone of B2B marketing campaigns. Facebook will play an important role in your new advertising efforts because of its popularity, content abilities and advertisement targeting tools.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

By following Facebook marketing strategies, many companies have seen tremendous growth in business. Following are the benefits of Facebook marketing in B2B business:
  1. Popularity: If you want to achieve accomplishments in the field of business, then you need to create a presence and status on Facebook. Many companies have Facebook pages and websites utilizing which they carry out their marketing campaigns. Since Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in Internet, it will become very difficult for you to launch a B2B marketing campaign without Facebook account.
  2. Support: Facebook will help you to influence decision makers in buying your goods and services. You just cannot impress them by targeting them directly. Final decisions are made by them and they are mostly influenced by their employees who enjoy high rank in the company. Facebook helps you to connect directly with the employees having Facebook pages thereby building indirect support for your products and services.
  3. Content: Substance or quality of content is what differentiates B2B marketing from B2C marketing. Facebook will help you in creating an image of services being marketed which would be attractive to individuals. Since businesses are more concerned with content of a product, its reliability, its cost and the support you offer for it, Facebook ensures you in providing all of these. Facebook also offers you to create a secondary website on which you can place information about products and deals, videos with instructions and product help.
  4. Targeting: No other social networking site on Internet possesses better marketing capabilities like that of Facebook. Facebook will help you in gathering more information about your customers, in details, than other social media platforms. These information will help you in creating advertisements by interests, profession and social connections.
In this way, your marketing efforts would efficiently be targeted at businesses and their employees. If your substance is interesting, influential and helpful, then your page would be followed by your targeted customers. This develops familiarity and loyalty among you and the employees. Your business’s efficiency and competence is appreciated. Thus Facebook helps in making B2B marketing efforts more stronger and beneficial for competitive entrepreneurs.


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